About Event

Globalization is the result of transformation in political, economic, technological and social areas. Multi-national companies and economic integrations have been effective in the world economy by creating competition between countries. Foreign trade and direct investment helps developing countries to confront the international competition by boosting their economy, increasing productivity and export capacity.

Effects of Foreign Trade and Investments:

  • Increased revenues.
  • Decreased competition.
  • Access to New Markets
  • Longer product lifespan.
  • Widening Disparity in incomes/
  • Better risk management.
  • Benefiting from currency exchange.
  • Access to export financing.
  • Disposal of surplus goods.

Trade and Investments also helps to build a better bilateral trade & investment platform and relationships

The event will begin with a forum and workshops on INVESTMENT GROWTH, INTERNATIONAL TRADING, TRADE & INVESTMENT POLICIES etc and it will delve into investment opportunities in the following sectors;

  • Oil and Gas
  • Power and electricity
  • Information technology
  • Health
  • Governance and politics
  • Aviation
  • Agriculture
  • Banking
  • Hospitality/Hotels
  • Entertainment
  • Media and publishing

30+ Speakers

Dignitaries & Industry experts from all over Africa

15+ Main Sponsor

We are sponsored by top organizations & media partners from all over Africa, UK & the US.


At the end of this summit, it is expected that the following has been achieved:

  • Stimulation of wider inclusiveness between countries to speed up the actualization of a Prosperous Africa.
  • Advocacy machinery for the development of job creation incubation system for African Youths at the grassroots.
  • Improved know-how on available opportunities for trade, investment and tourism.
  • Collaboration with partner countries, institutions and organizations to achieve key mandates such as building on existing projects that sustain the pipeline of female talents and innovations while driving entrepreneurship and women in the workplace as a key option.
  • Joint campaign to increase access to electricity in sub-Saharan Africa by adding more megawatts (MW) of cleaner, more efficient electricity generation capacity to new homes and business connections.
  • Exploratory Business opportunities between investors in the development of cottage industries for rural economies and job creation.
  • Recognized world leaders at the event, conferring deserving individuals and leaders with the FIN award